Papers & Talks


Articles, Papers, & Editorials

“Student Need States.” American Libraries. April 2009.

Web design matters.” Library Journal. Feb. 15, 2009.

Promoting the Library. ARL Spec Kit 306. w/ Bodnar. 2008.

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“Challenging your students: Using a contest to promote the library” w/ Bodnar and Valk. CRL News. v.69.4, April 2008.

“”Moving Beyond the Reference Desk: Being Where Users Need Us.” Reference Librarian
Presented Paper, “Is it real or is it Memorex: A Distance Learning Experience.” w/ Dr. Wayne Whiteman, American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, June 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Librarian As Entrepreneur: A Blueprint For Transforming Our Future.” Info Career Trends, November 2006.

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Intuitive Revelations: The Ubiquitous Reference Model.” White paper, March 2006.

The Inevitable Gen X Coup.” Library Journal, March 16, 2006.

Creating a BUZZ: Attracting SCI/TECH Students to the Library!” Issues in Science & Technology Libraries , Winter 2006

“Gray literature: Resources for locating unpublished research.” College & Research Libraries News. v.65 no.3 (Mar. 2004) p. 125-8.

Book Chapters

“Online Social Networking” in Library 2.0 and Beyond: Innovative Technologies and Tomorrow’s User, 2007.

“Preemptive Reference: Coming out from Behind the Desk” in The Desk and Beyond: Next Generation Reference Services, ACRL, 2008.


Marketing Today’s Academic Library: A Bold New Approach to Communicating with Students. ALA Editions. 2009.


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“Looking for what’s next: Is it time to start talking about Library 2.1?” Journal of Web Librarianship. v3.2, 2009

“Social Software and the Search for the Holy Grail.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v3.1, 2009.

“Twitter & the Library: thoughts on the syndicated lifestyle.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v2.4, 2008.

“Making IT Work: Tips for Getting Projects off the Ground.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v2.1, 2008.

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“A Social Software Showcase: What Libraries are Doing with the Social Web.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v1.3, 2007.

“Libraries’ Place in Virtual Social Networks.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v1.2, 2007.

“Welcome to Social Eyes.” Journal of Web Librarianship. v1.1, 2007.

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Student Newspapers and University Libraries: Uncovering Your Library’s Reputation and Promoting Its Services” w/ Jon Bodnar. Public Services Quarterly. v4.1, 2009.

The Role of Industry Standards: an overview of the top engineering schools’ libraries.“ Issues in Science and Technology Libraries. Spring 2006 .



Keynote Speaker. “What libraries can learn from startup culture.” VALE Conference 2012. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

“A Place for the Library? What Graduate Students Revealed About Their Relationship With the Library.” FIAT FLUX: Changing Universities, Challenges for Libraries. UC Berkeley, October 2011, w/ Lindsay Vogt.

Pre-conference workshop, “It Helps to Have Presence: Strategies for Personal and Library Leadership.” ALA Annual, New Orleans, 2011. I am co-hosting with Steven Bell.

Panel, “SocialNOTWorking: Managing Social Networking in a Productive and Positive Workplace.” ALA Annual Conference 2011, New Orleans.

Online Presentation, “In Search of Meaning: Building a Brand for an Arts Library” Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLISNA), February 26, 2010.


Keynote Speaker, “The Empathic Library: imagining an organization with the courage to think with its heart” Oregon State University, In-service day, September 2009.

Presenter, “Asking the One Question That Can Transform Your Library” Hawaii Library Association Conference, November 12, 2009.

Presenter, “Creating Memorable User Experiences on a Shoestring Budget” Hawaii Library Association Conference, November 12, 2009.

Leader of Roundtable, “The Future of Reading” Hawaii Library Association Conference, November 12, 2009.

Panelist, “Where Do We Go From Here – The Next Decade for Libraries. Hawaii Library Association Conference, November 12, 2009.

Opening Keynote, “Service and the Subconscious” ACRL/NY Symposium: Emerging Leadership in Academic Libraries, October 11, 2009.

Co-Facilitator, Reinvented Reference V, ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, July 2009.

Keynote speaker, “Do it yourself librarianship” Wisconsin Academic Library Association, April 2009

Pre-conference Panel, “Making Room for Assessment: techniques and strategies for reference managers.” RUSA, Re-Invented Reference V, ALA Chicago, July 2009.

Online Talk, “Reference vs. Instruction: what the data reveals.” w/Jon Bodnar. GIL Users Group Meeting (GUGM), May 2009.

Keynote, “Don’t Wait, Do It Yourself: Rewiring the Culture of the Academic Library.” Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries, April 2009.

Closing Speaker, “Libraries and the Inspiration Business.” Simmons College, April 2009.

Panel, “Mapping Your Path to the Mountaintop: Planning Where You Want To Be In Your Career.” w/ Steven Bell, John Shank, and Lauren Pressley, ACRL, Seattle, March 2009.

Panel, “If fish markets can do it so can we: designing memorable library experiences for students and faculty.” w/ Steven Bell and Valeda Dent Goodman, ACRL, Seattle, March 2009.


Workshop Facilitator, “How does the library make you feel? Focus groups for academic libraries.” ACRL – Pennsylvania, June 9, 2008.

“Opening New Windows of Opportunity” Blended Librarian Webcast, 2008.

Invited Speaker, “Think like a Media Mogul: experiential marketing for academic libraries.” ACRL – New England, UConn, April 18, 2008.

Invited Panelist, “Creating Interactive Library Experiences” Council on East Asian Libraries – Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, April 2, 2008.


Invited Speaker, “Sending Mixed Messages: repackaging the value of your library” Florida – ACRL Fall Meeting, Edison College, Fort Myers, FL, October 26, 2007.

Co-speaker, “Understanding your LibQUAL+ results and using assessment to improve your library.” w/ Kathy Tomajko, COMO/Georgia Library Assoc. Annual Conference, Jekyll Island, GA, Oct 18, 2007.

Co-speaker, “Too Shy or Too Shameless: Finding a Balance in Personal PR” w/ Crit Stuart, ACRL New Members Discussion Session, ALA Annual, Washington DC 2007.

“Learning from LibQUAL+: Measuring what you already know and what you could never have imagined.” ALA Annual, Washington DC, 2007.
Invited Speaker, “Social Context – a place for libraries on the social web?” The Ohio State University, June 13, 2007. (link)

Poster Session, ” Thinking Globally: library support for international locations.” w/ Lisha Li, American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, June 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Invited Speaker, “Where do we go from here? Settling the Frontier of the Social Web.” Boston Public Library, May 10, 2007.

“Re-Engineering Libraries for the Digital Age.” Charles E. Beard Lecture Series, University of West Georgia. April, 2007 w/ Bonnie Tijerina & Rich Meyer.

Panel Discussion, “ The Reference Question–Where has Reference Been? Where is Reference Going?” w / James Rettig, Jerry D. Campbell, William Miller, and Cheryl LaGuardia, ACRL, Baltimore, MD. ACRL, 2007

“Mobile Librarians: insight into the portable web” w /Bonnie Tijerina, Cyber Zed Shed Showcase, ACRL, Baltimore, 2007.


Conversations w/ Patrons: Extending your library’s presence online.” Webcast for The Blended Librarian, October 31, 2006.

“Online Social Networks” Guest Speaker, Soaring to Excellence, Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm, October 22, 2006.

“The Ubiquitous Enterprise: What Libraries Can Learn From the Business Community.”COMO, Athens, Ga, Sept 21, 2006.

Why do we need a wiki?” w/ Sarah Steiner, COMO, Athens, Ga, Sept 21, 2006.

“Embracing Emerging Technologies: Combining Tools and People to Create New Services.” w/ Cathy Carpenter & Sarah Steiner, GOLD/Galileo Annual Conference, Athens, GA, August 4, 2006.

Panel, “What is LibQUAL+? Everything You Need to Know to Get Started.” with W. Bede Mitchell, Kathy Tomajko, and Shawn Tonner, at GUGM, Macon Georgia, May 18, 2006.

Podcast, Academic Library 2.0. For: American Library Association course on Library 2.0, May 10, 2006.

Poster Session, “Social Bookmarking: What are the Implications for Teaching and Learning?” w/ Cathy Carpenter, ACRL/CNI/EDUCAUSE Joint Virtual Conference, April 20-21, 2006.

Online Roundtable, “Leadership & The Next Generation Librarian: Envisioning the future.” w/ Bonnie Tijerina,ACRL/CNI/EDUCAUSE Joint Virtual Conference April 20-21, 2006.

Co-facilitator, LibQUAL+ training for the University System of Georgia Consortium. Atlanta. March 30, 2006.

Presentation, “Blogs, Social Bookmarking, RSS, Wikis, SMS and RFID: An Overview of Next Generation Communication Tools.” w/ Cathy Carpenter, Special Libraries Association, Georgia Chapter, March 14, 2006.


LibQUAL+ Share Fair: “Benchmarking with LibQUAL+ @ Georgia Tech ” at ALA Annual, Chicago, June 28, 2005.

Poster Session, “Creating a BUZZ : Attracting SCI/TECH Students To The Library !” at ALA Annual, Chicago, June 27, 2005.

Presentation, ” Listening to your Patrons with LibQUAL+ w/ Caroline Killens at GUGM Conference, Macon Georgia, May 19, 2005.

Poster session, “From Orientation to Defense: Library Services for Doctoral Distance Learning Students” w/ Douglas Carroll and Laura Khouvongsavanh at the Association of College & Research Libraries 12th National Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 8, 2005.

Panel discussion, “Real-Time Reference Roundup”, with Rachel Viggiano, Kathy Whitley and Alice Primack at the Information Strategies Conference, Fort Myers , Florida , November 16, 2001.

Poster session presentation, “Who Me??? Help Someone with a Patent Search!!!”, with Peter Spyers-Duran and Nancy Adams for the Annual American Library Association Conference, San Francisco , California , June 16, 2001.